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Dino Kids Karate is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving

pre-school and reception age children’s basic motor and listening skills

In order to thoroughly develop each skill the Dino Kid’s curriculum

specifies one skill per class through fun and easy to follow drills.

These drills are more like games in order to help your child retain

more and enjoy learning.

As well as these skills, we have 8 colourful dinosaur characters to

represent and encourage positive personal traits and behaviour.

Children love dinosaurs!

Rather than a written syllabus for the karate techniques, the moves are shown as cartoon illustrations so that the children can remember what has been taught and stickers are given out at the end of each class for the children to collect.

Examples – Monkey block, front kick, horse stance

Front kick copy Monkey block copy Horse stance

In the Dino Kids classes your child will be exposed to positive social interaction, they will learn how to work with others and follow directions from their teachers. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious towards the future.









The curriculum consists of developing 8 major skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or activity and to reinforce family values.

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